Hello, thanks for dropping by! I’m a casual bubble tea drinker, I really enjoy it but I don’t manage to get a regular fix. I’m limited by my conscience telling me to save money and a thought at the back of my mind about the potential health impacts of having it more frequently. Mostly the former.

The debate over which store does the best bubble tea has existed for a long time, but I never realised how passionate people were about bubble tea until more recently. Everyone tends to fight over the three barons of the bubble tea kingdom (Coco, Gong Cha and Chatime) but there’s been a lot of smaller brands popping up over the last year or two. I’ll call them ’boutique’ stores where most appear fancier and market themselves as using higher quality ingredients, but I wonder do they actually make better tea or are they just seducing us with their fancy aesthetics and marketing ploys?

However, when I tried to find out how these bubble tea boutiques stacked up against the chain stores, I discovered the world lacked a comprehensive tier list, let alone reviews, that pitted the new kids on blocks against the old guard. So I decided to set out on a quest to try all the stores I can and find out which one, in the now very expansive bubble tea kingdom, reigns supreme.

Born and raised in Melbourne, currently living in Sydney, most of the stores I’ll be checking out will be in Melbourne and Sydney but maybe one day there will be some from overseas! As mentioned earlier, I don’t drink bubble tea too often but I’ll try to post at least one review a week while I have new stores to try.



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