We’re going international 🎉 I’ll be in Malaysia for a bit so I’ll try to visit bubble tea stores if I can get the chance to.

The first opportunity I got was at Paragon Mall in Penang. I scouted out two stores, an upmarket cafe and a franchise called Tealive. I was recommended by a local to get the Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea at Tealive so that made life easy.


However, I had low expectations as I had done a bit of research beforehand. Tealive used to be Chatime in Malaysia before some legal disputes. The rumour was that although they inherited the old recipes, they made some changes to them too. I hoped so given my opinion of Chatime.


Sadly, the drink didn’t impress me. With a somewhat weak hint of brown sugar and an even weaker hint of tea, it lacked strength and complexity. The pearls were good though, they had a nice bounce to them.

The roasted milk tea or the grass jelly milk tea would probably have been a better choice for me and may have resulted in a higher rating. However, with only this drink to go by, if you told me the only thing that had changed since they were known as Chatime was their name, I’d believe you.

The one silver lining was that it was much cheaper than in Australia (6.9 RM or ~A$ 2.4). Bear in mind that given it’s pretty easy to get a meal for 5 RM or less from roadside stalls, this drink and bubble tea, in general, isn’t considered cheap in Malaysia.

Placing: C.

Value: Hard to decide as based on the relative price of bubble tea to meals in Malaysia, it feels like it is somewhat of a luxury item here. I’ll have to try other bubble teas in Malaysia to get a better idea.

Instagram – thatbubbleteablog

Tealive Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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